The New LE&I Layout


The new Lake Erie and International Railway is a 60'/18.3m, 2-level model railroad built to 1/4", or 1:48 scale. This 2-rail, prototypical operating layout depicts the St Mary's/London/Port Stanley region as it might have been in the 1970s. Visitors will see trains passing numerous local landmarks as they move between levels via a giant 12'/3.65m helix.

We're installing digitally controlled lighting, sound, animation, and automation and will be inviting you to participate in an immersive, interactive experience that we'll continue to develop and expand over time.

The layout so far includes more than 407'/125m of track, 34 switches and wyes, and about 100 infra-red sensors for train detection and digital automation of just about everything LED lighting canopies provide sunsets and sunrises and more.

We're also incorporating a Timesaver Puzzle into the layout so you can test your railyard marshaling skills

LEI Layout

The Lake Erie & International Layout Diagram


Timesaver Puzzle

  • Do you have what it takes to be a train-yard operator?
  • We invite you to test your railcar switching skills on our Timesaver during your visit to the club.
  • The objective is to switch the railcars from the first configuration below to the second as quickly as possible and/or in as few moves as possible.
  • The Timesaver, developed by legendary modeler John Allen, is a classic railroad switching puzzle.
The Timesaver Puzzle


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