New Home Entrance

The front door of the new home


1: Site Preparation

Preping the floor 

Preparing the floor for floating laminate


New flooring finished and ready for work


Move in day of saved items from Holborn                                           Numberboards and other memrobilia hung on the clean walls

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2: Benchwork Construction


Building materials to start the layout benchwork                                                               Construction templates created








Front Room Benchwork


Helix Framework



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3: Laying Track


Main Room Lower and Upeer Track and Roadbed Installation


Main Room Lower and Upeer Track and Roadbed Installation


Helix & Reverse Loop Trackwork Completed


St. Mary's Track and Turntable

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4: Adding the Supporting Electrical and Lighting







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5: Buildings and Structures


Scratch built Richmond Street CP Passenger Station


Scratch built Port Stanley Passenger Station


                       Port Stanley Station Interior                                                      Port Stanley station ceiling with installed Neo-Pixel Lighting Array

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